“Where are the interior photos?”

The title of this week’s post is literally the only thing I heard from readers of last week’s post and I heard it a lot.  I was getting to them!  Jeez guys.  I was actually worried that we wouldn’t have any indoor photos besides the ones from the listing since we didn’t immediately decide to do this blog.  But, somehow, we managed to get at least one acceptable quality photo of every room with the exception of the basement.  Success!

The house, built in 1928, has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and is a little over 1600 square feet, not including the full unfinished basement.  There is major work currently going on in or planned for pretty much every square foot of the property – new kitchen, new bathrooms, new sunroom, new landscaping – and we’re doing as much as we can ourselves (within reason) so that we learn how to be capable homeowners early on since it will ultimately save us time and money.

So far I think we’re doing a decent job differentiating a job fit for amateurs from a job that requires a licensed professional.  Can we fix a leaking toilet tank?  Tape and mud drywall joints?  Install new cabinets?  Yes we can!  Can we demo a load-bearing wall?  Install new electrical outlets?  Replace a leaky lead waste pipe?  Absolutely not!  

And yes, those are all real examples of things that are currently underway.  There’s lots going on and fortunately we’ve had a ton of help from family this past month – someone has been here literally every weekend helping us move, clean, organize, landscape, paint, etc.  Special shout-out to my brother Gard who actually moved in with us for the month and has been tackling projects while we’re at work.  Thanks to everyone’s hard work we are long overdue for a progress/transformation post so expect an update within the week!

Biting the bullet…

We have been talking about starting this blog for months now so AT LAST – the inaugural post!

Over the course of the past year we have been confronted with a lot of big of “adult” decisions that necessitated a lot of big “life” discussions.  After some soul searching and inspiration from others we’ve identified how we want to live and are setting out on a journey to achieve that lifestyle.  What do we want?  Simpler, more independent lives where we are able to do more things because we want to and less because we have to.  How do we get there?  By being more appreciative of what we have, being more intentional with our time and money, and making decisions now that are good for us both now and in the future.

We’ve dubbed this our “simple ambition” (we think we’re clever!) – more on that later.

But now, onto THE BIGGEST decision we’ve made – purchasing our first house!  This fixer upper is a great fit for us and our plans in so many ways, especially in the self-sufficiency department. We’ve got tons of house-related work ahead of us and are constantly being asked how it’s progressing (which we love because we’re literally putting our blood, sweat, and tears into it) so what better way to share it than here?

Enjoy the outdoor “before” pictures now because the house won’t (and already doesn’t) look like this for long.  We’ll continue posting house updates, hopefully among other things, here for the foreseeable future but we’ll *try* to remember to also post on the Facebook because we know that’s where everyone is!

Looking forward to staying connected with family and friends in a new way,

MacKenzie & Cody

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